3 Drawbacks To Mimicking Popular Bloggers

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Published: 20th September 2012
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It goes without saying that popular bloggers hold a certain appeal with readers due to their interesting content and unique style of delivery! Having said that it certainly makes sense that these same sites are also used as a 'model' for others trying to build their own successful site! The problem with this strategy however is that to become a truly good blogger it is best to be different! For this reason here are 3 drawbacks one may encounter when attempting to become successful blogging by copying the 'ideas' of others!

Been There Done That

These people are popular or 'famous' because they are who they are and it shows! Your attempts to copy their 'approach' only makes you an imposter or cheap 'knock off' and can doom you to obscurity online! The best way to stand out and gain the attention of readers is to establish your own unique style! By doing so you will decrease the level of competition you face making it easier to earn the 'favor' and loyalty of visitors to your site!

Suppresses The You In You

Let's see, if there are no two snowflakes alike, no two sets of fingerprints identical or no two Zebras with the same stripes, don't you suppose your personality is unique as well? Copying others when blogging will prevent you from 'developing your own identity! The fact of the matter is it is always advisable to allow your own personality to 'shine' through thereby influencing the look and feel of your blog! The reason this is a wise strategy is that it will obviously be much easier to be 'yourself' than to try and impersonate someone else! Remember that you are unique in many ways thus this will make what you compose interesting content simply because the thoughts and ideas are exclusively YOURS!

Undermines Your Creativity

When you 'invest' your efforts into trying to duplicate what others are doing this narrows your focus and inhibits your own creativity! Much like putting your mind to 'sleep' by watching TV, if you are too involved in 'copying' others you run the risk of putting your own creativity into hibernation! People want to see 'different' therefore give it to them! Every good blogger you'll find has their own unique style and is not afraid to develop and use their own opinions and/or ideas!

Most popular bloggers earned their popularity by offering interesting content using a unique style that is appealing to readers! Common sense would seem to 'dictate' that by copying these sites would be the best strategy you could use to become a good blogger yourself! The discussion above however points out that the most successful blogs are the ones that create their own unique identity! The 3 drawbacks discussed here today serve to dispel this notion of mimicking popular blogging sites! Although it would seem 'duplicating' the successful strategies of others makes sense, when blogging this also causes you to lack your own unique style! The point is that to become a good blogger you'll want and need to stand out from the others which is difficult to do when you're doing the same thing as them! Dare to be different and embrace your differences by using them as an asset when blogging!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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