3 Myths Concerning Earning An Internet Income

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Published: 01st November 2012
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Developing an internet income has become hugely popular for many aspiring business entrepreneurs! The global market the web offers and the low cost affiliated with setting up a small business are two of the biggest attractions for sure! Another factor however that greatly influences many is the 'assumption' or 'promise' that working online allows you to get rich quick! This is the point we're going to address here today in hopes of setting the record straight on this belief which is actually a myth!

Here are 3 false assumptions many entrepreneurs posses in regards to their belief that marketing on the internet will allow them to get rich quick!

Passive Income

The belief, quite often fueled by sales copy found circulating around online is that it's relatively easy and quite common to establish a passive income! Is this to say people will simply fork their money over to you without much involvement on your part? Many are led to believe that in many cases setting up a small business merely involves your active participation in the launch stages! From this point with all the software and automation available this allows you to just sit back and watch sales continue to grow! On the contrary businesses online require constant testing and tweaking for them to properly develop so don't expect to get rich quick by resting on your laurels! Things change, people change, demands change and you must be actively involved to address this dynamic environment!

Overnight Riches

Are we talking about the lottery here or quickly setting up a small business that floods your bank account within merely days? Remember those who make purchases are people just like you and I and they need to feel comfortable with what you offer and convinced to spend their money! Assuming people will see your ads or stumble across your site in a rush to make a purchase is sheer lunacy! Having the expectations that you will or even can get rich quick working online will only set you up for frustrations that can easily lead to your eventual failure! Dismiss these notions!

Push Button Business

Setting up a small business that will turn a profit takes research, planning, determination and of course plenty of patience! Here once again it is wrong for business entrepreneurs to believe they can quickly establish an income flow and all with 'push button' ease! Understand that the typical person online needs to be constantly 'courted' by you to gain the comfort level they need to feel good about their buying decisions! This requires human interaction and not the push button automation of some damn 'miracle' software! Many software tools available online will greatly assist you in becoming more efficient but they will NOT and can NOT earn the money for you!

Developing an internet income means just that, you need to DEVELOP the means in which you expect to make money! Setting up a small business online may not take much time however earning the trust of your customer base most assuredly will! All successful business entrepreneurs will agree that their success is found in not only a good offer but by building a good relationship with others as well! This takes time and the 3 assumptions discussed above and commonly held, that you can get rich quick, contains more fiction than fact! Of course there will always be those who disagree with this perspective and if you're one of them feel free to share your own experience or input on this matter!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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