5 Critical Errors When Writing Blog Posts

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Published: 29th June 2012
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Writing blog posts is the best way of getting traffic to your platform provided what you offer is done so in a way that appeals to people! Posting on blogs is not an exact science but does require the use of common sense as to when and how you should write content for your readers! In that spirit here's 5 errors commonly committed by many when posting on blogs that will have a negative impact on their visitors and consequently their traffic!

Infrequent Updates

There is much discussion and debate pertaining to the frequency with which you should update your site! One topic this is not in debate however is the negative effects posting on blogs on a VERY infrequent basis can have on your traffic! Remember, if readers are returning to your site they likely are in search of more updates so don't disappoint! By posting sporadically or infrequently people have little or no idea when to return to view something new! When placed in this position most viewers typically will decide to find the information they seek elsewhere!

'Killing It'

Posting too much, yes this can be done, tends to overwhelm readers much like information overload! Your focus should be on authoring quality content but updating too much can also 'dilute' the quality of what you publish! Although hyper-frequent updates are one way of getting traffic, the lower quality of the posts you offer is NO way to get people to return!

Off 'Target'

When you write content for your blogging platform ALWAYS be sure it remains relevant to the theme of your site! Visitors stop by to view information that pertains to your blogging theme which is also subject matter with which they have an interest! Change your focus and thereby change your topic and you can count on visitors changing their destination to another blog! You must stay on target with the original theme of your site or risk losing any reader loyalty you may have developed! Getting traffic is your first step when blogging but you do so in order to build a loyal following!

It's NOT About You

As a blogger it is always important to keep in mind that you write content that is of interest or benefits those who land on your site! When you start posting on blogs about subject matter that places the focus on you most visitors will begin got lose interest! In short people don't care about you but rather what you can do for them!

Crappy Title

Even though the process involved when you write content for any new updates may involve both time and effort you don't want to overlook the title! Many bloggers view the title as an 'afterthought' and therefore do not place much of an emphasis on it which is another common yet crucial mistake! It is very important to remember people 'use' the title to help them decide whether they should read further! If your title is 'uninspiring' your post will probably go unread! Having said that it is fair to assume that getting traffic to your site is very dependent upon the titles you create since this is what most people see first!

Writing blog posts is what it takes for getting traffic to your platform but you must be mindful of how and when you write content to get the best results! As discussed above posting on blogs is not so much a skill as it is applying mere common sense when you do write content! Quite often bloggers make 'subtle' mistakes with the updates they offer that can tend to decrease and not increase their reader base! The 5 in particular reviewed here today are examples of such errors and obviously can be easily avoided! Simply keep in mind that when posting on blogs the needs of your readers always comes first!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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