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Published: 09th October 2012
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Generating blog traffic is one of the two most important responsibilities any good blogger must address! Of course right up there with building traffic to your blog is writing content for visitors to read but for the sake of this discussion, the focus will be on getting as much traffic as you can!

Here are 5 suggestions any blogger can use when writing content that will help you get more traffic to your blog!

Appeal To Different Interests

This is to simply say try and cover a wider scope of topics that are relevant to your blogging theme! By doing so you'll attract a wider range of visitors which translates into more traffic to your blog! Now narrowing your focus is NOT a bad thing but it does tend to filter out many who may have an interest in other aspects of what you write about! The bottom line is writing content with either a very narrow focus or a more broader range of appeal takes the same amount of effort! A good blogger will find a way to attract more visitors without investing more effort!

Optimize Each Post

If getting more traffic to your blog is of interest to you than you do NOT want to overlook what search engines can do for you! This means you need to focus on properly optimizing your posts when writing content by correctly placing the most relevant keywords within the body of your entries! Search engines will now have a way to identify what you've composed and present it to people looking for information like what you have written! The result is you will have visitors showing up at your site with a genuine interest in the subject matter you offer!

Take Your Que From Comments

Learn to monitor the discussions taking place on your site and take note of what readers are talking about! This is a terrific way to keep your loyal followers happy while also enticing them to refer your platform to their friends and colleagues! This is one of the best ways any good blogger can use to create additional ideas to write about!

Circulate Online

One thing you should be doing is to visit other blogs, forums and social sites to see what's new and to also leave your link! This will help you pick up new ideas you can use from other platforms as well as increase the visibility of your own site! Of course this is achieved by you taking part in discussions on other blogs and leaving meaningful comments for others to read! If what you have to say is of any value to people, they will click on your link to see what you have going on at your site! This results in you getting more traffic to your blog and without investing a lot of time!

Offer Interesting Content

Lastly and never to be overlooked, when writing content always strive to produce something that benefits readers! After all if what you offer on your own platform holds no interest for others, why would they even consider returning let alone refer your platform to someone else?

One can never get enough blog traffic, or so it seems, and this task along with writing content, should be a top priority for any good blogger! The discussion above offers 5 suggestions as to how you can incorporate your responsibilities of writing content with getting more traffic to your blog! Since these two tasks are extremely important to any person when blogging, it is only fitting to coordinate them to get the best results! What do you think?

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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