Is Working Alone Online For You?

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Published: 02nd November 2012
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Most people using the internet to start or run a business typically find themselves working alone! Now many of you may want to be your own boss to solve your financial problems or even the stress of a 9 to 5 job! On the other hand have you considered that the 'grass is not always greener' and that making more money online than you currently do with your job may not be as easy as you think? Actually it all starts with simply arising at the sound of your alarm in the morning and being prepared to take action! This is just one thing to consider and even just getting your day started in a productive fashion requires for you to be self motivated! Are you?

Here are 3 points you'll need to deeply consider if making more money as an internet entrepreneur than you currently do otherwise is your goal!

So You're In Charge, Now What?

Everything is now on you to plan, test and implement and if you fail, you stand to earn nothing! Are you a good planner or do you even know how to set goals in the first place? If you want to be your own boss you will need to be able to do all these things successfully and much more! If your focus is to create a 'full-time' income for yourself you'll need to chart the direction you want your business to take! After that you'll also be required to react productively to any setbacks you encounter and believe me, setbacks are something you can count on to happen! Are you self motivated enough to pick yourself up and dust yourself off when things don't go the way you planned? Remember, you're now in charge!

Do You Like to Learn?

For any small business to grow so must the person who runs the show and this means continuing your education in the field you work! It always helps if you have a deep seated curiosity or passion about what you do but in any case you'll still need to be very self motivated to continue your learning! If making more money is important to you, this can be used as a source of motivation for your ongoing education! Oh yeah, and don't expect there to be somebody pushing you to do so!

How Is Your Discipline?

Guess what, you can no longer set your hours by the 'proverbial' 9 to 5 clock you've been trying to escape! When problems arise or responsibilities beckon, are you ready to 'ring the bell' and at any time? Remember, you wanted to be your own boss so everything starts and stops with you! On the other hand the more progress you make the more confidence you'll develop and this will contribute greatly to motivating you onward! In the end without this confidence you'll likely fall short of the success you seek, but with it you'll be unstoppable!

Working alone on the internet is a great way for you to be your own boss, however it does come with certain 'trappings' you may not have considered! If making more money as an online entrepreneur is your goal, your success will be dictated by how self motivated you really are! The 3 points reviewed above are all realistic expectations for anyone desiring to create and run their own profitable business! If you are self motivated enough however, these points will NOT be barriers to your success!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
To learn more about working alone online and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques for your online marketing needs simply visit:

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