Learning To Blog Means Learning To Please

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Published: 31st October 2012
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Learning to blog can be simply stated by saying you must learn to please your readers first since without them you have no purpose! Think about it, if nobody is viewing what you wrote, the time you invest in content development is going completely to waste! Of equal importance is to realize it will take both your time and patience to build a loyal base of people who frequently visit your site! So it all seems to start with composing and posting updates your readers will enjoy and even refer to others!

Here are 3 attitudes every aspiring blogger must adopt when investing their efforts into the content development process to be successful!


When developing any blogging platform the first step is to focus on pleasing your readers! This starts with sharing information or advice of interest or that will benefit the people who view the updates you post! Remember value can be found not only in learning something new but also by being entertained as well so these are thing to keep in mind when you approach the content development process as a blogger! Ultimately you want these people to return and this is your main objective so give them a good reason to do so!

Bull Dog Determination

Blogging is not something you do when the mood strikes you since people are looking for a source that will consistently offer then something new! Posting to your site in a whimsical manner will not be the way to encourage your readers to return! It is important therefore that you update the site with more consistency and maintain the determination to stay on schedule! People like and want to know what to expect and when so help them by posting at regular intervals! This will require a bit of discipline and as mentioned, determination, but when you do so you'll likely be pleased with the results!


In reference to the results you are looking for and/or expect as a blogger, this is where your time and patience will be tested! Blogging to build a loyal base of people who will visit your site requires building their loyalty first! This starts with the efforts you put into the content development process since if what you post is of no interest to viewers, they will not return! Obviously both time and patience will be needed on your part to create something viewers will enjoy and the more you do so the stronger their loyalty will be! Blogging is NOT a one time event but rather it's more the result of the long term effort invested by the blog administrator!

Learning to blog is more about learning how to write in a way that will please your readers and this will take time and patience! By no means however is this difficult for anyone to do however it does start with the realization that you blog for others and not necessarily yourself! It really comes down to the mindset you adopt when approaching the content development process as reviewed in the 3 'attitudes' discussed above! The bottom line is successful bloggers tend to approach their efforts with an attitude of servitude knowing full well their success will take time! With the right mindset and the willingness to invest the time and patience required, it is possible for anybody to build a successful blog!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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