Quality Content Has 5 Basic Criteria

Published: 25th June 2012
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Producing and circulating quality content is a widely accepted and adopted strategy many use to increase their exposure online! As popular as this strategy may be however continually creating interesting reading material can prove to be a challenge! Many tend to focus too much on their writing skills therefore overlooking the all important area of topic selection! The fact is people don't care or are not impress with 'how' you write as much as they are with 'what' you write about!

With that being said here is some writing advice you can use involving the criteria you base your topic selection upon!


Most people no matter what their situation enjoy being entertained whether it involves humor, political satire or even story telling! Take a cue from the niche you are in and find a way to introduce any or all of the aforementioned means since in most cases if what you write is good enough it could go viral! What better way to boost your exposure online then through the efforts of others!


Presenting news or information not widely known but relevant to your readers interest is sound writing advice for anybody seeking more exposure online! There are countless blogs and websites around the internet that enjoy great popularity simply by reporting the news or industry updates!


People are always wanting to learn something new about things they have personal interest in and this is also a great way to build credibility! Obviously it is required that you have a certain degree of knowledge in the subject to be able and compose something others find as interesting reading! Of course the knowledge you share can also be the result of research as well, but teaching people something new is always effective!

Thought Provoking

Some of the best content found on the internet is that which makes readers stop and think! By posing questions or even taking a position counter to popular opinion, you can create something very thought provoking! Of course for this writing advice to work most effectively you'll want to back up the 'stance' you take with some sound reasoning or logic!

Problem Solving

Addressing a prevalent problem or need with a solution is a 'slam dunk' surefire way to create some interesting reading for people! Imagine having a long standing and pressing need or problem that somebody is able to solve? Would that capture your attention? I thought so!

The use of quality content for increasing exposure online is a common and very effective practice used by many! The only 'drawback' is the challenge it may occasionally present to people who are in frequent need of creating interesting reading material! It seems however that the challenge may be found more in folks placing too much emphasis on their writing skills! Readers don't care about your skills as a writer but rather their interest is more in the topics that are written about! The writing advice offered here today channels your focus back to topic selection and in particular 5 criteria upon which you can write about! Remember if you want increase your exposure online with this strategy, it's best to compose something people are interested in reading about!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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