What Your Affiliate Marketing Blog Needs

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Published: 25th October 2012
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Having an affiliate marketing blog offers many benefits chief amongst them the ability to quickly and easily change your product offers! Imagine NOT having to invest the time and expense that typically goes into any new product development process! This is particularly beneficial to anyone maintaining an affiliate blog since their time can be better spent on developing content for the site! Although at this point it may seem anyone operating an affiliate blog is free and clear of most responsibilities this is NOT the case!

Here are 5 things every blogger is still expected to do if they expect to earn money making product offers as affiliates!

Presence Online

Establishing a presence online is one of the first things you need to do for your affiliate blog once it is ready to go live! Sure having a site is the first step to increasing your presence on the internet you must also be proactive to bring the desired results about more quickly! There are many things you can do over and above waiting for search engines to show your platform in their search results! Use social networking sites as a place to 'casually' drop your link as well as forums and even visiting other blogging platforms that share your interest!

Appropriate Product Selection

When selecting any product to promote you always want to be sure it has relevance to the topic of your blog and the interest of your visitors! If the product offers you make do not interest the people you promote to you are wasting both yours and their time! When managing an affiliate blog you'll always have many terrific products to choose from so this aspect will NOT be difficult!

Lots of Traffic

When speaking previously about being proactive in gaining an online presence the same thing can be said about getting traffic to your site! Blogs typically are favored by search engines since they usually update their content more frequently than 'traditional' websites! On the other hand 'waiting' for search engine traffic to arrive is not the recommended strategy! Advertise your site using articles, link building and free giveaways that capitalize on using the efforts of others to help promote your platform! Remember you do need traffic to make money from your product offers and this is something you'll need to do on an ongoing basis!


The relevance being refereed to here applies not only to the products you select but also the content you offer! The very foundation of your blogging platform is the content YOU add to it and this is the MAIN reason people even visit! Affiliates who blog have the advantage, as previously mentioned, of not having the new product development process consume their time therefore this time can be focused on creating great content instead! Simply keep it relevant and you're good to go!

Rinse and Repeat

Obviously mistakes will be made along the way as well as successes but it is important to learn from both! By doing so you can simply reapplied what works and avoid any mistakes you may have made!

One of the biggest advantages associated with having an affiliate marketing blog is NOT having to deal with the new product development process! This is huge in terms of allowing any blogger to focus more on one of their primary responsibilities which is developing content for their platform! On the other hand this is not to say an affiliate blog is 'hands free' in terms of establishing and maintaining the site! The 5 things every blogger needs to do to position their platform in a way to more easily earn money by making product offers are reviewed above! These 5 responsibilities can only be carried out by the site administrator, but when done correctly, can and will set you up for a sweet payday!

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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